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Our Brow Styling Soap will set your brows in place all day, with it's strong, yet natural appearance. Creating, fuller, thicker, looking brows.


The soap can be used to style your brows in an upright position, keep your arches set in place, or tame unruly hairs, that grow and sit in different directions.


Our formula has an instant thickening effect, with extra hold, for beautifully styled brows.


Containing ingredients such as vitamin e, coconut and fruit oils, to nourish the brow hairs and stimulate growth.


Original Brow Styling Soap - Clear

SKU: 0006
GST Included
  • Wet the spoolie, lightly rub over the Brow Styling Soap, brush through the brows and mould into the desired shape.


    PRO TIP: Apply your Brow Styling Soap, after your Brow Fixx Liquid to Powder Duo.

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