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Welcome to Brow Fixx

Beauty Portrait
Applying Mascara

Brow Fixx is an all Australian company specializing in Brow products. Brow Fixx is the brainchild of the companies owner and founder.

Bianca started her career in Hair and Beauty over 20 years ago. In the early 2000's Bianca noticed the new techniques and procedures being applied to the eyebrows and decided to follow this new and amazing market.
Since this time Bianca has trained all over the world with the best of the best in the brow and lash industry.

Over ten years ago Bianca opened Tasmania's first dedicated brow and lash salon, which till this day is still Hobart's premier and most well respected brow and lash destination.

With all this knowledge and a lack of products on the market specifically for brows, Bianca decided to open Brow Fixx, a cosmetic supply company specifically for the brow industry.

All Brow Fixx products are tried and tested in Bianca's salon on hundreds of clients a week and at Brow Fixx we know they work and are the very best they can be, our products and product range is ever evolving to keep up with this ever changing industry.

All of our products are vegan friendly/ free from animal testing and have fully recyclable packaging.

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