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Our Collagen Rich Brow Masks are formulated to support healthy Brows, by bringing vibrancy back to dull, lacklustre hairs and stimulate new growth, with ingredients such as - 


Plant Collagen, to add skin soothing properties and relieve follicle inflammation, that inturn encourages new growth.


Grape Seed Oil, to aid in skin repair, rejuvenation and cellular turnover, to speed up growth.


Vitamin A, to improve skin tone and elasticity.


Seaweed, for free radical protection and to help against aging, providing antioxidants.


Oat Peptides, to support the elasticity, not just for the skin, but for the hair cuticle.


Our Masks will renew the skin and promote natural collagen production, to improve skin elasticity. Leaving your Brows and surrounds, noticeably brighter and healthier.


Collagen Rich Brow Mask 6 Pack

SKU: 0011
GST Included
  • 1. Cleanse the brow area & pat dry

    2. Apply a Brow Mask to each eyebrow

    3. Remove after 15-20 minutes

    4. Massage in the excess serum



    For the best results, use several times per week


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